February 2016 nominations

For our inaugural month, we have pre-selected 5 recipes to get things rolling.

By Friday, January 22, please choose 2 recipes you’d like to cook from the list below, noting your selections in a comment on this post.  After the due date,  we (Betsy, Mary, and I) will decide the scheduling for the 2 recipes.

We’ll be posting twice this month, on Friday, 2/5, and Friday, 2/19.


The Choices in No Particular Order (with links to those recipes I’ve found online):

Winter Salad (p. 98)

Steak with mustard butter and fries (p. 206)

Salted Olive Crisps (p. 42)

Green Beans with Snail Butter (p. 222)

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Tart (p. 289)



Thanks and happy choosing–we’re so excited to start cooking with people from the group again!

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