LYL: Winter Salad

Yay! We made it to our first LYL. Did it feel like forever to anyone else?

(Yes, yes, I posted it early, but I figure since I’m on West Coast time it’s really only fair to our European, Australian, and East Coast counterparts.  Amiright?)

So excited to visit with you all again!

Leave your links here, my friends!

33 thoughts on “LYL: Winter Salad

  1. I LOVE this. Good Morning Emily, Mardi, Cher, Betsy and Katie. Can it be true? (Someone write a song.) My link it done and ready to post but I am waiting for GoDaddy to give me the okay to post. For the past two weeks I have been re-hauling and securing my site… SSL Certification and Site Control. Altho GD assure me my site is ‘clean as a whistle’, I am waiting for the 3 green bars to appear. Will be visiting to comment on yours soon. Thanks, Katie, for getting us together again and thank you all for participating in CTBF.

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  2. So happy to see the group coming back together! As usual, I seem to be running a bit late. After hemming and hawing and then seeing that David gave his blessing I decided to join in… and then promptly got sick (revisited Dorie’s Cure All soup – still yummy). So I have ingredients for winter salad on the shopping list for this weekend and look forward to catching up with everyone soon:-)

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    1. Nana, I feel your pain with a new blog. As I wrote in my post, I have spent the past two weeks with the guys at GoDaddy. It gets complicated and I salute you for putting together a new blog. Hopefully you haven’t thrown your computer at your husband or told your lovely daughter to “take a hike” as frustration fills the room. I suggest wine, lots and lots of wine.


      1. I’ve been having computer problems myself…that’s why my post is so late. Time for a change, a new computer on the agenda and a new look for my blog! Happy New Year!


      2. I’ve been having trouble with my blog too. I wonder what’s happening in the blogosphere! No matter what I do my photos aren’t right side up!


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