48 thoughts on “LYL: Steak with Mustard Butter and Fries

    1. Oh, this reminds me of me a few years ago. I’m now approaching my five year cancer-free milestone, and like you, I’m a baker (but have to restrain myself). I journeyed for a bit with the group at the end of my treatment at http://www.cookteachgrow.wordpress.com
      Hope to rejoin the group next month on a new blog! Yay for you finishing treatment!!! To your health!


  1. The blogosphere and I are not getting along today, so it’s possible that I just left a few of you multiple comments or none at all. And Mardi, your site just kicked me out completely, before I even got to the commenting part. Might be that my network is just having one of those days. But loving the posts today and so happy to be back cooking along with all of you.

    Oh, and a big welcome to the new faces!

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  2. Hi ladies,
    For some reasons I am unable to leave my comment on your blog posts! Just wanted to let you all know (if this comment does get thru!!), that your steaks and fries are great! I’m happy to cook along with all you lovely ladies! And thank you for the warm welcome and words of encouragement!

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