March 2016 Schedule

It was a close one, with a clear winner and the second place spot tied between 2 recipes. As the tie-breaker, we decided we should aim for balance and avoid 2 meat dishes in 1 month, if possible. Thank you all for voting and welcome to our new friends!

Thus, our March schedule:

March 4 – Dukkah-Roasted Cauliflower (p. 224);

Dukkah (p. 81)

March 18 – Belgian Beef Stew with Beer & Spice Bread (p. 198);

Honey-spice Bread (p. 293)


A quick note on the twofer recipes. As we saw with the Steak and Fries for our most recent post, there are a few cross-referenced recipes. As it is, it will take us upwards of 3.5 years to complete the book, minus the pantry chapter, and even longer if we complete the recipes singly. So, the chance to double-up seems like a good one! This month, as with the steak, if you want to substitute or simply not make the accompanying honey-spice bread, you are welcome to do so!

14 thoughts on “March 2016 Schedule

  1. Sounds good! Totally agree with you on the double-up recipes!
    I’m still unable to leave comments on wordpress blogs, which is pretty frustrating!
    I wonder why! Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon!
    Thank you for clearing my comment in your spam folder, and publishing it here!

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  2. After reading through the recipe for Belgian Beef Stew with Beer & Spice Bread (p. 198); the Honey-spice Bread (p. 293) is part of the ingredients for the beef stew. I checked with my favorite baker in KL and he do not make it. Looks like I have to make bread, honey-spiced!

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    1. That was good, wasn’t it? Now I am looking forward to finding things to do with the left over dukkah. (David suggested using it in soup and rice – I think it would be delicious on top of a roasted carrot soup with a drizzle of hazelnut oil).

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