Cs&Cs: Dukkah-Roasted Cauliflower

Comments or concerns about the dukkah and/or the cauliflower? Want to know what else to do with your leftover dukkah? Chat here!

7 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Dukkah-Roasted Cauliflower

  1. I posted on the other post – but David L. tweeted me and noted that leftover dukkah is really good on rice or soup.
    I used Ethiopian berbere as my pepper to add some heat. This was SO good.

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  2. A quick tip in case anyone needs it. In the minichopper, the hazelnuts didn’t chop as well as the other ingredients so I crushed them with knife first. Worked much better. I’m going to try Katie’s dipping idea.

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    1. thanks for this tip, Betsy–I’m excited but I’ve started my blog to join you ladies and don’t think I will get a mortar and pestle in time for the dukkah blog post.

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