9 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Belgian Beef Stew with Beer and Spice Bread

  1. I definitely liked the spice bread more on its own. We really didn’t like it in the stew (and I should have trusted my instincts to NOT put it in) – it made the stew too sweet and I didn’t much care for the texture 😦 I WILL make the carbonade by itself in the future though!)


    1. Ahhh, what to do? My instinct is also not to add the bread to the stew, but not doing so seems like a complete alteration of the recipe. Tricky.


      1. It’s more complicated, but I suggest halvesies–separate into 2 separate pots for the final long simmer. Bread in one pot and not in the other. That way, you are still trying it, but you’re not wasting the entire pot if you don’t like it. Alternatively, you could separate out 1/4 of it for the bread version, adding 1 slice. 🙂


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