July Schedule

It was a close one with the sardines nearly winning out (I might make them anyway as they look good!), but without further ado, here’s the July schedule!

July 1: Raw vegetable slaw with creamy garlic dressing (p. 96)

July 15: Buckwheat crêpes with ham, cheese, and egg (p. 135)

6 thoughts on “July Schedule

  1. I’m looking forward to both of these! Though, at some point we might need to have an “Admins choose potentially intimidating recipes so they’re not all left to the end” month. With a snappier tag line.

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  2. I actually made the salad twice, both times with the creamy dressing…. hubby said too creamy.. so I shall make the salad sans the mayo this time.


  3. I can’t say that I am sad the sardines lost by a nose, but will dutifully prepare them when the time comes 🙂
    I know I haven’t posted in a bit, but I have been cooking along. When I get my next break from school, I will get some make up posts out there…

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