10 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Buckwheat Crêpes with Ham, Cheese, & Egg

  1. I had a sort of hilarious time with these. My comment would be that I lost the first 2 crêpes, maybe because the pan needed to be hotter. Whatever, they disintegrated. My second comment would be to make a well with the cheese as otherwise the egg just slides off.

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  2. Mine’s in the fridge right now… (also noted: re the cheese/ egg).

    Also just realising I will miss a week’s posting :0 Since I leave for the Camino on July 20th, I am guessing the August schedule won’t be up by then… :(((( I don’t know I can cope!!


    1. Not yet. Generally, I post the nominations post just before the 2nd recipe LYL of the month. That’s Thursday. We should have a schedule by early next week.

      FYI, we have 5 Fridays in July and the first post in August will be 3 full weeks after this Friday’s LYL, so that’s pretty much the most time you can have to purchase ingredients. 🙂 I also purposefully scheduled the buckwheat crêpes (as the book calls them) second to give people time to get the flour!

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  3. A note on the crêpes (actually galettes since they are made with buckwheat) – I hope I am using the right recipe – I found the book in Google Books and am using the recipe from the Buckwheat rolls with seaweed butter. First off, they are taking much longer than 1 minute 30 seconds to cook (!) and I am using a bit more batter than 1/4 cup so they are easier to handle…


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