December Nominations

It’s that time again! I saw something the other day about an event on December 2 and I grumbled until I realized that it was only 3 weeks away.

Nominate 2 recipes plus an Extra Edition option! I’ll be posting the poll by Monday at the very latest, but possibly late Sunday, since I’m a couple dates late on this.

We’ve got 2 regular Fridays–December 2 and December 16–plus the Extra Edition just before we tip into 2017 on December 30.

7 thoughts on “December Nominations

  1. Onion Tart, p 90

    Leeks with Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette, p 88

    And we’re still doing something challenging for the extra edition?
    I nominate Green Beans with Snail Butter, p 222
    Betsy has been suggesting that one for a while and it hasn’t gotten any love. 🙂


  2. 1. I’m with Mardi on the Parisian Gnocchi, that is a wonderful dish.
    2. Salt Cod & potato puree (page 144). this is the perfect time to
    find salted cod. It is always available here for the holiday.
    3. Grated carrot salad for the extra edition.


  3. Salted olive crisps, p. 42
    Panisse Puffs, p. 245

    Extra Edition (which is also a two-fer): Salt Cod Fritters with Tartar Sauce, p. 73/Salt Cod and Potato Purée, p. 144


  4. I thought Extra Edition was supposed to be challenging… Carrot salad??? I’d suggest one of the salt cod ones, Salt Cod and Potato Puree to be specific.

    For regular weeks, my nominations are Onion Tart and Carrot Salad.

    I also suggest when you do the scheduling, put something simple for 12/2 (to recover from Thanksgiving).

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