9 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Extra Edition Salt Cod and Potato Purée

    1. An Italian grocery might have some left after the Christmas holiday, or possibly a fish store or supermarket. I needed mine for my baccala salad and saved about a pound for this recipe.
      Good luck.


  1. It’s going like I won’t be able to find salt cod. So, you know, I’m just going to use regular cod, since, you know, it’s already unsalted 😉 I’ve not been well over the past weekend and I’ve decided not to go crazy trying to run all over the region looking for this since I made myself crazy over a whole bunch of insignificant (which at the time seemed VERY important) things the past little while and here I am energy-less in France for the holidays. So yeah, I’m gonna be cheating.


  2. If I might make another suggestion for this recipe, I would say do not cook the cod and potatoes together. After the cod is soaked and then cooked, you must go through
    it for possible bones, and certainly bits of white looking skin that will not taste too good.

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  3. Thanks for your suggestions! I’ll check out whole foods – and we are lucky here with a lot of Mexican foods, and a grocery serving that community in the next town over – so thanks for the ideas. And the tips, Nana!

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