4 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Salt cod fritters

  1. I just made these (YUM!) and can tell you that they do work if you shallow fry them. I don’t have a deep fryer and I didn’t want to fry in 8cm of oil so I made sure to drain off excess batter and did them in a skillet in a few tablespoons of oil. They worked a treat. Also: 1. I didn’t do the whole “desalting” thing and 2. I didn’t make my own tartare sauce. Um.


    1. Mardi, thanks for your update. I just came over her to post my concern (i.e. terror) about deep-frying and see what people thought about shallow frying. I’m so happy to know that works. I’m making brandade (which I skipped earlier) for dinner tonight and we’ll have fritters with the leftovers later in the week. I’m getting hungry!


  2. I need to make another batch of salmon and potato puree cos I took out the frozen half and did not make the fritters last week and had to throw it out. This time I should be making the potato puree with smoked salmon!


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