September Nominations

It’s that time again!

Please nominate 2 “regular” recipes and 1 “extra edition” recipe. In case you need the reminder, the “extra edition” should be a nomination for a recipe you’d not normally choose to make, for whatever reason.

I’ll close nominations this Wednesday and get the poll up that day as well!

4 thoughts on “September Nominations

  1. Green olive, basil, and almond tapenade (53)
    Baked Provençal vegetables (226)
    Extra: Buckwheat polenta with braised greens, sausage, and poached eggs (158)


  2. Nana and Teresa each nominated something from my short list, so I second:

    Potato feta and basil tortilla, p. 148
    Baked Provençal vegetables, p. 226

    Extra Edition: Buckwheat rolls with seaweed butter, p. 47


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