7 thoughts on “December nominations

  1. Counterfeit duck confit, p. 179 (because it might be easier to find duck thighs during the holiday season)
    Mashed potatoes, p. 216 (I’m making these for Thanksgiving!)

    Extra Edition: Fennel, radish, orange, and crab salad (these flavors don’t appeal to me, but December is a good time of year to get crab, at least on the West Coast)


  2. Thanks, all, for the nominations! The admins had decided before we started (nearly 2 years ago now!!) that we’d do the cover recipe, chicken with mustard, as our final recipe, much as we did for FFWD. I guess we didn’t impart that to anyone else and I apologize! If you have a different recipe you’d like to nominate in lieu of the chicken with mustard, leave it here by the weekend and I’ll add it to the poll.


  3. We need at least one easy recipe for December, though I’m not sure which one that is.

    I’m all in with the counterfeit duck confit (p.179)
    Celery Root Salad with Mustard Sauce (p.105)
    Extra Edition: Pork & Chard Sausage (p.185)


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