5 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: carrot cake

  1. I’ve had the carrot cake before (someone made it for my birthday a few years ago) and 1/2 the recipe still makes a ginormous cake. I’m making 1/2 the recipe now in 2 x 8-inch square pans and it’s going to definitely feed 10-12 as well… Smells SO good (minus nute because I’m taking it into school).


  2. I made a half recipe, using 8” round pans. And made half the frosting. You’ll end up with a look like a lot of things online-just barely skimmed sides, with filling and on top.

    I should have more carefully spread the batter in my prepared pans, so the layers would have been more even.

    This is definitely better the next day. Not as sweet as a US cake. I couldn’t resist and added some unsweetened coconut.


  3. I only made half the recipe, 9″ pan and cut it in half. I had enough frosting for it all. Karen, I really thought the cupcakes were a great idea too, maybe next time I will try that. The recipe is delish!


  4. I made half the recipe and all the compartments in my one dozen cupcake pan (regular size), I still had enough batter for a single layer 6-inch cake. That must be one gianormous cake.


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