March nominations

Okay, March is another 3rd Friday month!

So, please nominate

-1 recipe you’ve been wanting to make

-1 dessert

-1 recipe that you would likely never make without this group (if you include your reasoning, all the better!) for the Extra Edition

5 thoughts on “March nominations

  1. Lamb shank tagine, pg. 199 (this would also cover Lemon-Pistachio Israeli Couscous)

    Chocolate chip, hazelnut, and dried sour cherry fougasse, pg. 266

    Extra edition: Hard-cooked eggs with chervil mayonnaise, pg. 103. This one actually sounds good to me, but I am hesitant to try homemade mayo (previous attempts have been failures), and I also think this one would have a tough time getting enough votes to be chosen.


  2. Sorry I don’t have page numbers. Looked at the book last night for my nominations, but left not near the computer now…
    Butternut Squash Bread Soup
    Buckwheat Madeleines
    Extra Edition: Paris Gnocchi (made this for FFWD and would only make again for this challenge, not that they were bad, just labor intensive and rich)


    1. Betsy, I agree that the Gnocchi is a challenge, but David’s is so delicious, not exactly the same as Dorie’s. He served these when we all went to his cooking demo and book signing in New York. Fabulous.


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