May nominations

Okay, please nominate 1 dessert and 1 non-dessert recipe you’d like to cook in May!

I do want to point you to the awesome “Recipes Left to Cook” page that co-admin Betsy created for our website! This way, it’s easier for everyone to see at a glance what we have left to make and to more easily nominate recipes without fear of a repeat! A big thank you to Betsy!

Finally, because pretty much everyone made the Lemon-pistachio Israeli couscous (p. 237) to accompany the lamb tagine from March, the admins decided we would add that to our “completed” list.

8 thoughts on “May nominations

  1. First off, thanks Betsy for getting all the remaining recipes in order. So much easier.
    Cheese, bacon, arugula souffle, pg. 139
    Spiced speculoos’s flan, pg 256

    Things have been simple, let’s test our skills. Ha! Ha!
    Also, if the flan is chosen, Amazon sells Bischoff’s spread.
    Just saying.


    1. Trader Joe’s also has a version. Not that I’m discouraging shopping on Amazon.

      BTW, the Paris Paris ought to be a bit more of a challenge with all of the components, though each is probably easy enough.

      Good to get us in gear, Nana!!


      1. Good to know about Trader Joe’s, also at Wegman’s, just not my location. Incidentally, I started the Paris Paris today bit by bit, and my cream filling had a problem even before I added the warmed milk. I ended up straining the mixture, hoping I have enough to fill at least two for a photo. Actually, two is enough for my diet. Ha!


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