4 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Paris Paris

  1. I’m making mini-puffs. We’ll see how it goes, but David does not have the puffs crisp up. I’ve seen longer times for baking, or drying after the initial baking that David doesn’t use. Hmmm…


  2. It was REALLY hard NOT to make my own recipe for all of these elements! I’d cook these at a higher temp to really get them to crisp up. This recipe made 12 éclairs (5-inch) and I was able to fill 10 of them with the filling. SO good. I used my own glaze (chocolate, butter and a touch of light corn syrup for gloss) and they looked lovely!


  3. Yeah, I hauled out “Around my French Table” to fill in directions. I haven’t made this kind of thing in so long that I’m really out of practice and needed the reminders. And I agree, Mardi: that filling is FAB.


  4. OK, I said we should test our skills, but not on eclairs. Everything was working perfectly until I tried to spread the eclair. Did not have a pastry bag that worked properly, so I used a zip lock. Unfortunately, they are the skinniest eclairs I have ever seen. Would not even consider them in patisserie.


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