2 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: buckwheat madeleines

  1. I made the buckwheat madeleines. Made 1/2 the recipe and filled some of my molds perhaps a little more than 3/4 full. This made more than 12 (the full recipe is only supposed to make 18). Used my non stick mold that I’ve used for years. All but two of them stuck, none of the got the hump (like he says they won’t) and the shell pattern is not pronounced at all. I baked them for 11 minutes. Boo.


  2. Coming back to say I re-made these (1/2 batch again) and buttered AND floured (buckwheat flour) the pan and none of them stuck. I omitted the honey this time and it made exactly 12. No hump (but also I’ve just made Dorie’s madeleines for TWD from Dorie’s cookies and some of them are “curiously flat” too. Some have a small hump).


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