June nominations

Excuse me, how is it already time to nominate for June?

June has 3 Fridays, so please nominate:

  • regular ol’ recipe
  • dessert
  • “Extra Edition,” i.e. something you’d not normally choose for whatever reason (bonus points if you give the reason with your nomination–it helps the admins choose)


8 thoughts on “June nominations

  1. Done with school & throwing my hat back into the “life” ring again!

    Smoky BBQ-styled pork (190)
    French cheesecake (302)

    Extra edition list. Hmmm. There wasn’t too much left I’d run from (thank you for getting those out of the way). I’m gonna go with Duck terrine w/ figs (113), as it seems like it could be a bit of a hard sell in my house….


  2. Welcome back, Cher. I’ve missed your book suggestions, your never following a recipe exactly and You. Congratulations on your educational accomplishments. I am great with smoky barbecue-style pork, French cheesecake and Shakshuka. (I am still having gnocchi-nightmares from the FFWD recipe we did! )


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