3 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: Baba ganoush

  1. Okay, peeps. This one is leaving me cold. (It’s more about my utter ambivalence toward eggplant than for any other reason).
    The roasted eggplant is sitting in the refrigerator. Trying to muster the will to finish it. Please feel free to send any motivational thinking my way 🙂


  2. Okay, Cher, so I’m not usually a baba ganoush fan–ends up sort of slimy most times and, just, no. I made it. The tahini really does make the difference–texturally and taste-wise (as Mardi mentioned). I’m gonna bring the leftovers to a 4th of July thing tomorrow! So, even if you don’t like it, we have a ready-made occasion to foist it upon others. HA!

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