August Schedule

Okay, the votes are in and we’ve got a 2-fer dessert month, if you hadn’t already made the Extra Edition recipe with the apricot crumble tart!

August 3: Stuffed vegetables (160)

August 17: Kirsch babas with pineapple (279)

August 31: apricot kernel ice cream (312)

4 thoughts on “August Schedule

  1. Since I am not a fan of apricots, although Jim was, I can’t see buying them. However, I did check with Wegman’s to see if they actually used them in their fresh fruit packages, but no, too expensive. (I was looking for the pits,) However, my next thought was AMAZON, what else. Apricot kernels, (seeds) 1/2 lbs. 9.97. Not bad if you do not like apricots. Just saying….


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