6 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: garlic mayo with accompaniments

  1. So, I made this (with my very last egg in the house – it was a busy weekend of baking!) and my aioli would not emulsify at all. I looked at a few other recipes for aioli and they called for much less oil than this recipe. I was using my mini blender for this and so it was hard to control the amount of oil going in (couldn’t do a drizzle with the machine on) – by the time I realised it just wasn’t going to thicken, it was too late. I was 15 minutes from serving this dish so I took some store-bought mayo and added in some of the aioli dressing (it really was like salad dressing) for a looser mayo that worked well. But boo 😦

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  2. I had the same problem. Wasted one cup of very good olive oil. I just think there’s a typo with the ingredients. One of either olive oil OR another oil. I just used another recipe because I had bought all the veggies and didn’t want to waste them.


  3. Once Mardi initially commented here, I even checked the errata page and there’s nothing! The only time I’ve used 1 cup of oil per egg for mayo is when I use the whole egg (not just the yolks). It’s still a looser mayo, but it emulsifies. Thanks for the heads up y’all as I still haven’t made it yet!


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