11 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: MPK bay leaf pound cake

  1. Alright, y’all. I made this yesterday. My book didn’t have the error mentioned on the errata page (when to add the infused butter). BUT, my ingredients list mentions 8 tbsp butter + 1 for piping and my instructions only mentioned 6 tbsp butter + 1 for piping. I googled around and all the online versions only mention 6 tbsp butter that is infused. That’s what I did and it was good. The end. šŸ™‚


  2. I made this (just the orange version) and read and re-read the recipe about 10 times. I KNOW what to do with melted butter in a pound cake recipe but I thought I was going crazy! MY ingredients ONLY list 6 tablespoons of butter but the instructions talk about the “other” 1 tablespoon. Talk abut confusion! Thanks for posting the link to the errata page – I hadn’t seen that before!


  3. Mine is in the oven now. I didn’t even notice the discrepency. Just followed the quantities in the instructions. I’m confused about what happens to the bay leaves after the cake comes out of the oven. They’re on the bottom. Do I take them off with the parchment? Or flip the cake over and pour the glaze over the bottom so it’s decorative? We don’t eat bay leaves so I’m unsure. What say you?


    1. Thanks Katie and Ro. I finished it before I saw any responses. I glazed the top and served it with the bay leaves hidden. Then they stayed nicely on the plate when I sliced and served (myself).


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