December MPK & ED nominations

All right, blogging friends: this is our final December working from MPK, so we are automatically baking the bûche de nöel/Christmas (p 319) for our monthly dessert recipe.

Thus, choose one other recipe you’d like to make from MPK!



Everyday Dorie

Nominate 1 recipe you’d like to make, from any category. I figure we all have the book by now, so everything is fair game.


I’ll post separate polls for each!

17 thoughts on “December MPK & ED nominations

  1. For every day Dorie I nominate marinated and pan seared hanger, skirt, flank or take your pick steak. But anyhow, when I read through the recipes I just wanna make all, so I don’t really mind.


  2. I just vote for EASY in December. I agree with others who nominated:
    MPK: Comté and ham wafers p 45
    ED: Lightning-Fast Tahini Pork, p 168

    Also, I second postponing the buche de Noel until 12/28

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