5 thoughts on “Cs&Cs MPK: Christmas cake

  1. Here are my notes: I halved the cake recipe, used 1/3 of the filling (and didn’t use it all), used the orange syrup on the sponge before I filled it (there are no directions in the recipe for what to do with this), found the mushrooms a bit tricky to pipe and couldn’t wait for the chocolate icing to set enough – it literally took 2-3 hours at room temp to be spreadable. I ended up pouring it over the log and it worked ok (and was shiny!). Mine was very mini, looked ok – it’s over on Instastories right now…

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    1. Well, shoot! I forgot to remind everyone that the orange syrup is also dealt with on the Errata page for MPK! Mardi added it at the time he recommends, of course! 🙂

      Here’s what he says there: – Bûche de Noël (page 319): The orange syrup is brushed on the cake after it’s unrolled, in step #8, just before spreading on the chocolate/orange/ricotta filling.


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