17 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: salmon burger

  1. Got my salmon from the wet market this morning. Make my pickled onions, and cucumbers. Probably having the salmon (in whatever form) for lunch tomorrow.


      1. I decided to bake mine since they seemed way too wet to fry – I was tempted to add an egg as a binding agent. Breadcrumbs would have helped.
        I baked them @ 375 F for ~20-25 minutes and they were still delicate, but held together as long as I was careful.

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  2. Mardi, they did stay together, but I was very careful to flip them using two spatulas. I did however put them in the fridge for a little while. They were delicious.


      1. Hmm, I was ever so gentle with them but they still fell apart. I didn’t want to waste the salmon so I added panko to the second and third (I halved the recipe). I’ve NOT idea how you were all able to get them to stay together. It felt more like ceviche!


  3. I am so glad I read these comments. My mix is in the fridge and it looks as if it would go together just fine. Guess not. I intend to make one and, if it falls apart I will take Cher’s advice. Made the pickled onions also. BTW, Dorie shared this recipe with The Splendid Table.

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  4. I cooked three different batches last night, two at a time. And, yes, each patty would rather not play well in its own sandbox. I managed the first two batches by using two spatulas (per Ro) and then sliding each pattie onto the bun. The last batch I cooked three minutes on each side which made them firmer, it seemed, but didn’t detract from flavor, I thought, and they stayed together just fine. A member of the Food52 Cookbook Club made them recently also and had the same problem. Hopefully Dorie will address this at some point. Mardi, I just didn’t want to add any filler but if making them for a group, would probably do so.


  5. I almost skipped on making this after reading how everyone’s burger seems to be falling apart. Plus I am not a big fan of salmon! But At the last moment today, I decided to make it for dinner. Instead of making a burger bun out of it, I made them into smaller patties and serve as part of our rice meal. Based on everyone’s complaints about how the mix would not come together, I’ve reduced the amount of sour cream (instead of yoghurt) and added about a quarter cup of cornflour which helps in binding the mixture together. Then shaped into smaller patties and pan-fried until brown on both sides. They hold pretty well! Maybe by adding cornflour is not the traditional salmon burger thing, but it works! Thanks ladies, for the heads-up!


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