May nominations omnibus

Okay Everyday Dorie friends, please nominate any recipe you’d like to make in May!

For my My Paris Kitchen friends, this is the final Extra Edition month of our MPK journey! We are really closing in on the end of the book with 9 recipes left to choose from (see Betsy’s recipes left to cook page!).

So, nominate 1 dessert, 1 other recipe, and 1 Extra Edition (on that list of 8 recipes, since the cover recipe is our capstone post, what is something you’d not normally choose?).

11 thoughts on “May nominations omnibus

  1. MPK:
    Green olive, basil, and almond tapenade (53)
    Parisian gnocchi (130) Before it gets too warm! Let’s make this the Extra Edition since I probably wouldn’t make this heavy dish in the spring!
    Warm chocolate cake with salted butter caramel sauce (262)

    Everyday Dorie:
    Shrimp Tacos (196)

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  2. Katie, I know this doesn’t help you but I’m okay with any of these good suggestions. I will be trying to catch up on my must-do-these-recipes this month and next.


  3. MPK:
    St. Tropez tart. Pg. 306
    Parisian gnocchi. Pg. 130
    And for the extra edition: Braised guinea hen with figs (183)

    Green as Spring Soup (80)

    Of course whatever works – all great ideas!


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