June MPK Schedule

Okay, here we go for June–our penultimate full month of recipes!

June 7: braised guinea hen with figs (183).

You can include the mashed potatoes as well, if you like (from page 216).

June 21: Chocolate terrine with fresh ginger crème anglaise (287)

4 thoughts on “June MPK Schedule

    1. HAHA! I was going to make them with the “guinea hen” (I used chicken) but was so exhausted from making the chicken and all the steps that I didn’t.. (AND I didn’t even make the honey baked figs to go with it because, well, figs SO aren’t in season). I will do the mash sometime soon though cos I have potatoes…


  1. I agree, I love having the schedule up ahead of time (if possible) so I can prepare. I love all the choices that everyone agrees to, and I can’t believe we are coming to the end of David’s book. I have enjoyed every recipe in it, (just check with my taster testers) and I’m looking forward to doing Dorie’s book. (Also, twice a month is perfect.)

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