3 thoughts on “July Schedule MPK

  1. I know I’m ahead of the C&Cs but has anyone started the Tropezienne yet? The recipe calls for active dry yeast that normally requires liquid heated to a certain temperature to activate. This recipe does not and I’m noticing that my dough has not risen at all after the first rise 😦


    1. Mind is in process (referred to Baking Chez Moi to see if I could let the brioche dough rest overnight). Everything was fine in terms of rising on mine! Though I did wonder if I was going to have trouble due to temperature.


      1. Goodness, this took me ALL day to make. I needed to use electric beaters to get the “buttercream” to thicken up (it was like liquid) but other than that I don’t have many tips. I don’t remember Dorie’s being so many steps! And yes, mine did rise but it didn’t look like it was going to for a while there.


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