New Schedule + nominations

September seems to culturally carry a sense of re-starting things after a playful summer so it’s only appropriate that we take on a new schedule and shift our focus solely to Everyday Dorie this coming month. It’s been an exciting and tasty 3.5 years working through MPK, but I speak for all the admins and our intrepid bloggers that we are SO ready for a new book!


After consulting with admins and several others, it sounds like it might be a smoothest transition if we move to posting the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Mark your calendars!


Please nominate 2 recipes, of any kind, that you’d like to make from Everyday Dorie.

7 thoughts on “New Schedule + nominations

  1. Here are a few things that look fun to make for late summer. Looking forward to seeing other ideas! (and yes, I have 3, not 2 – I did not follow directions well)
    Tomato and Peach Panzanella (p.99)
    Cauliflower Tabbouleh (p.95)
    Western Frittata (p.27)


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