9 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: triple-layer parsnip cake

  1. I had to make my cake a week early as I am in the process of moving. I made it in three parts/three days as Dorie suggested – the filling, one day, the cake, the next and I put it together on the third. A little advice – when you dump all the frosting ingredients in the mixing bowl so easy, go slow or that powdered sugar will fly all over your kitchen. Of all the food I’ve made and shared with the kids at The Gant, this is the one they apparently liked the best. Of course few of them knew what parsnips were but I got a lot of “My grandma cooked with them.” Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Stay safe and thank you for letting me cook with you. Mary

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  2. I (finally) made the recipe on time, so I have a minor tip to share: if you make the sugared cranberries, they’ll kind of stick together a bit while you roll them in the sugar. Don’t separate them. Otherwise, they roll around and, possibly, off the cake when you place them there. 😂

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