3 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: tomato tart

  1. I made this tart Saturday. I wish I had doubled-down on the tomatoes and used another cup of greens but the real issue was the ricotta cheese/egg yolk topping. My mixture was yellow and more runny than substantial. I used fresh eggs and those yolks were yellow! The tart was very good and quite pretty. I like to bake/cook to the picture but my result did not look like Dorie’s.

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  2. I don’t know if anyone will read this but just a head’s up on the tomato tart. The tart I made Saturday didn’t even hold a visual resemblance to Dorie’s. Sunday morning I baked another tart. I used twice the amount of ricotta (1 cup) that she called for with the 1 egg yolk. My eggs are farm fresh and the yolk is very yellow. My ricotta on the first tarts, posted on Instagram, was yellow and somewhat runny (1/2 cup ricotta to the 1 yolk). I also piled the tomatoes on in the second tart. Anyway, my Sunday Tart was more Dorie’s vision. I needed to cook it about 10-15 minutes longer but that may have been the function of high altitude.

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