3 thoughts on “Cs&Cs: subtly spicy, etc., beef stew

  1. I have a tip, for once, as I made the recipe on time (also for once)!

    No need to marinate the meat. I didn’t have time to do so and, after consulting with serious eats’ reports/testing, decided to not worry about it since the beef would cook in the liquid anyway. We are not huge beef stew fans and this was a winner for all of us!


  2. for a beef stew, this is a lot of work and different ingredients. I was worried about the flavours here but in the end, none of the less common flavours stood out more than another. We had a LOT of the broth leftover, even when I left the carrots in the final dish (needed veg and colour) so I thickened it a bit with cornstarch. I made this a few days before we ended up eating it (didn’t read the recipe in advance re: marinade and didn’t see Katie’s comment before!) and the beef (a very nice quality one) was a little dry…

    “Nice enough”


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