About the Group

Cook the Book Fridays has its origins in a group of bloggers who cooked through Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table.  The camaraderie and friendships have been without parallel and so we aimed to continue our cooking connections. Cook the Book Fridays will start with semi-monthly posts on the first and third Fridays while cooking through David Lebovitz’s My … Continue reading About the Group

March nominations

Okay, we are again doing an omnibus nominations post. For Everyday Dorie folks, please nominate one recipe of any type you’d like to make this month. For My Paris Kitchen folks, please nominate one recipe and one Extra Edition recipe. Remember that we are doing the speculoos flan automatically in March. And the Extra Edition should be something … Continue reading March nominations

February nominations for ED and MPK

Please nominate 1 recipe you’d like to make from Everyday Dorie next month! If you’re cooking through My Paris Kitchen with us, we only have 16 recipes left, if I’ve counted correctly! So, choose a dessert and a non-dessert you’d like to make in February. I’ll post polls, etc., by Thursday or Friday so we can have … Continue reading February nominations for ED and MPK