Nominations for ED and MPK

It’s that time!

Please choose 1 recipe you’d like to make from Everyday Dorie.

If you’re cooking through MPK with us, then please choose your typical 1 “regular” recipe and 1 dessert recipe to make in our final January with this book!

December poll

First, here’s your Everyday Dorie poll:

I’ll keep this open until the middle of next week, at which time I’ll post the December schedule.

Second, everyone nominated the same recipe from MPK, so we will do the comté and ham wafers. Thanks for making that super easy! As for the second post timing, I think I’ll still post the LYL on 12/21, but let everyone know to visit on or around 12/28 for commenting and to give everyone a chance to post.

November Everyday Dorie poll

All right, everyone! I know we’re gearing up for our first post this Friday, but in the meantime I thought the release day is a nice day to do the November poll!

Please vote to cook 1 of these recipes for our Friday, November 9 posting.

FYI these recipes are available online and/or I can email them to you if needed.