March Voting

As with last month, the goal is to have 1 main (maximum) with 1 other dish. If the 2 mains in this poll are the highest vote getters, we will choose the non-main dish with the next-highest vote totals.

I’m hoping to close this on Tuesday morning to get the schedule up!

February Poll

Choose 2 recipes below! Ideally, we’d all vote for 1 main and 1 not-main dish.

Goal is to close voting on Tuesday and post the schedule that day!

January Poll

Thanks for your nominations everyone!

Please vote by Thursday and I’ll post the schedule then.

December Poll

Please choose 2 options! Polling will close Tuesday night.

Remember that admins will choose the Extra Edition recipe.


December Nominations

It’s that time again! I saw something the other day about an event on December 2 and I grumbled until I realized that it was only 3 weeks away.

Nominate 2 recipes plus an Extra Edition option! I’ll be posting the poll by Monday at the very latest, but possibly late Sunday, since I’m a couple dates late on this.

We’ve got 2 regular Fridays–December 2 and December 16–plus the Extra Edition just before we tip into 2017 on December 30.