October poll

Okay! Vote for the October nominated recipes and we’ll post the schedule by Friday!


August poll

Please vote! We had some overlapping nominations for dessert and extra edition so I just put everything on there and then the admins will decide on the EE after voting has finished. We’ll close by this Friday!

July poll

please vote for one dessert and one non-dessert. I’ll try to get the schedule up by this weekend for those who are traveling.

June poll

Vote for 2 recipes you’d like to make! Remember we will at the very least make the top vote-getting dessert.

I’d like to post the June schedule by the end of this weekend at the latest.

June nominations

Excuse me, how is it already time to nominate for June?

June has 3 Fridays, so please nominate:

  • regular ol’ recipe
  • dessert
  • “Extra Edition,” i.e. something you’d not normally choose for whatever reason (bonus points if you give the reason with your nomination–it helps the admins choose)


May poll

Well, well! People are feeling cheeky with the nominations of more challenging recipes and now it’s time to vote: the highest-voted dessert and non-dessert recipes will “win.” Please vote by Tuesday and I’ll get the new schedule up.