March poll

As you leave your link in the post just below this, take a quick moment to vote for March’s recipes!

Remember to choose 1 dessert and 1 non-dessert. This time, I delineated the desserts by “D” in front of the title just to visually distinguish them. Get your votes in this weekend so we can post the schedule early next week!


March nominations

Okay, March is another 3rd Friday month!

So, please nominate

-1 recipe you’ve been wanting to make

-1 dessert

-1 recipe that you would likely never make without this group (if you include your reasoning, all the better!) for the Extra Edition

February Poll

Okay, so we only had one nomination for the non-dessert dish, so we will make the black olive tapenade for the first Friday in February (Groundhog Day!).

Please vote for 1 of the desserts below as our second February recipe. I’ll post the final recipe schedule on Monday.

November poll


October poll

Based on the nominations for this month, and that I started this a little late, we are going to do things a tad differently.

Our first recipe will be the one that appeared most often in the nominations: Indian Cheese Bread. We’ll make that for October 6.

For the October 20 recipe, we need some votes! choose one dessert that you’d like to make. I’ll close the poll on Monday and post the complete October schedule on that day.

September Poll

Please vote for your top 2 choices. I’ll close it this weekend and announce the schedule!