October schedule

Well, apologies as I was a bit remiss in doing a poll. So, instead I used the highly scientific method of writing down the recipes on 2 pieces of paper–we are definitely making the onion galette, so we need a second recipe–putting one paper in each hand and having my daughter choose a hand.

October 8: Umami burger (140)

October 22: Caramelized onion galette with parm cream (54)

December schedule

Whoopseee! Got a little carried away with US Thanksgiving things and realized I never closed the poll.

So, this month we will cook

December 11: Molasses Coffee Cake (261)

December 25: Slow-Cooker Brisket with Carrots and Sweet Potatoes (151)

Is everyone fine with a 12/25 post? Comment if you’re feeling it’s not ideal and if you have alternative suggestions.