April Schedules

All right, thank you all for the nominations and voting!

Here we go with the schedules:

Everyday Dorie:

April 12: salmon burgers (174)

My Paris Kitchen:

April 5: Dee’s cheesecake (315)

April 19ish: roast lamb, etc. (203)

You can make it for Easter, if you like, hence the “ish.”


February Schedules

All right! Votes are in.

First up, Everyday Dorie members~

February 8: sweet chili chicken thighs (114)


And for all my My Paris Kitchen sistren, after consulting with admins, we are going to shift things a bit for February and March. To keep up with our seasonal options in these last few months of MPK, we are going to make the celery root purée now while it’s relatively in season and save the flan for March!

February 1: celery root purée (217)

February 15: French onion soup (118)

January MPK Schedule

Okay, y’all made my job pretty easy once again, and I thank you for that! I did, however, stray slightly from the majority and agree with Betsy that we need to do the roasted root veg while we still have them around (remember, we’re finishing the book in August!).

Thus, our January schedule is for MPK is~

January 4: Tangerine-champagne sorbet (317)

January 18:Roasted root vegetables (225)

December MPK Schedule

Okay, here’s our December schedule!

December 7: comté and ham wafers (45)

December 21-28: Christmas cake (319)

Note the range of posting dates above for the Christmas cake. Due to popular demand, but also to allow for some people’s stricter blog schedules, please make sure to visit the LYL through 12/28 to see how people did with this recipe! The LYL will still be live on 12/21, though.