Completed Recipes


Artichoke tapenade with rosemary oil (Apr 2016)

Black olive tapenade (Feb 2018)

Buckwheat rolls with seaweed butter (“Extra Edition” Sep 2017)

Dukkah [Egyptian Spiced Nut Mix] (Mar 2016)

Eggplant caviar (Aug 2017)

Hummus (Jun 2017)

Indian cheese bread (Oct 2017)

Onion Tart (Dec 2016)

Sardine Spread (Extra Edition Sep 2016)

Salt cod fritters with tartar sauce (Jan 2017)

Salted olive crisps (Apr 2017)

Spiced meatballs with Sriracha sauce (Sep 2016)

First Courses

Carrot Salad (Dec 2016)

Celery root salad with mustard sauce (Dec 2017)

Celery root soup with horseradish cream and ham chips (Nov 2017)

Cherry tomato crostini with homemade herbed goat cheese (Aug 2016)

Gazpacho with herbed goat cheese toasts (Sep 2016)

Fattoush (Jun 2016)

Fennel, radish, orange, and crab salad (Extra Edition Dec 2017)

Frisée salad with bacon, egg, and garlic toasts (May 2017)

Raw Vegetable slaw with creamy garlic dressing (Jul 2016)

Vegetable soup with basil puree (Jul 2017)

Winter Salad (Feb 2016)

Main Courses

Baked Eggs with Kale and Smoked Salmon (Oct 2016)

Belgian Beef Stew with Beer and Spice Bread (Mar 2016)

Buckwheat crêpes with ham, cheese, and egg (Jul 2016)

Buckwheat polenta with braised greens, sausage, and poached eggs (Nov 2017)

Caramel Pork Ribs (Mar 2017)

Cassoulet (Jan 2018)

Chicken Lady Chicken (Jun 2016)

Coq au vin (Feb 2017)

Counterfeit duck confit (Dec 2017)

Fresh herb omelet (Jan 2017)

Fried ham and cheese sandwich (Apr 2016)

Ham, blue cheese, and pear quiche (May 2016)

Potato, feta, and basil tortilla (Sep 2017)

Salt Cod and Potato Purée (Extra Edition Dec 2016)

Steak with Mustard Butter and Fries (Feb 2016)


Baked Provençal Vegetables (Sep 2017)

Butternut Squash Crumble (Oct 2016)

Duck fat potatoes (Jan 2018)

Dukkah-roasted Cauliflower (Mar 2016)

French Fries (Feb 2016)

Fresh herbed pasta (Extra Edition Jun 2017)

Green Beans with Snail Butter (Mar 2017)

Lentil salad with goat cheese and walnuts (Jun 2017)

Multigrain bread (May 2017)

Panisse puffs (Jul 2017)

Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic (Nov 2016)

Wheat berry salad with radicchio, etc. (Mar 2017)


Apricot crumble tart (Aug 2016)

Buttermilk ice cream (Aug 2017)

Carrot cake (Feb 2018)

Chocolate dulce de leche tart (Nov 2016)

Coffee crème brûlée (Apr 2017)

Honey-spice bread (Mar 2016)

Individual chocolate cakes with dulce de leche and fleur de sel (Oct 2017)

Merveilleux (Feb 2017)

Salted butter caramel-chocolate mousse (May 2016)