November Everyday Dorie poll

All right, everyone! I know we’re gearing up for our first post this Friday, but in the meantime I thought the release day is a nice day to do the November poll!

Please vote to cook 1 of these recipes for our Friday, November 9 posting.

FYI these recipes are available online and/or I can email them to you if needed.


November Poll

Please vote for the MPK dessert recipe you’d like to make in November!

We were unanimous on the butternut squash bread soup, so that will be definitely be on our schedule.

Everyday Dorie release celebration 10/26!

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 26, and please join us for an Everyday Dorie release celebration!

For our first recipe and post, we are going to make “My Newest Gougères” on page 8! This is extra meaningful because, as our dear friend Mardi reminded us, the gougères was the first recipe we made from Around My French Table 8 years ago!

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Everyday Dorie update

Many of us are excitedly awaiting the October 23 release of Dorie’s newest book, and as you may recall, we have decided to make things extra fun around here by cooking from that book as well!

After consulting with all the admins, we landed upon the following: until we finish MPK in August of next year, we will cook 1 recipe each month from Everyday Dorie, posting on 2nd Fridays. We will revisit this schedule after MPK is off of our proverbial plates.

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