Recipes Left To Cook

Here are the recipes we have left to make. They are grouped by category.  The page number follows each recipe name.

Comté and ham wafers (45)
Green olive, basil, and almond tapenade (53)

First Courses
Tabbouleh  (95)
French onion soup  (118)
Parisian gnocchi (130)
Leeks with mustard-bacon vinaigrette (137)

Main Courses
Garlic mayonnaise with accompaniments (145)
Shakshuka (154)
Butternut squash bread soup (163)
Chicken pot Parmentier (166)
Chicken with mustard (169) — Our FINAL recipe
Braised guinea hen with figs (183)
Pork and chard sausage (185)
Roast lamb with braised vegetables, salsa verde, and chickpea puffs (203)

Mashed potatoes (216)
Celery root puree (217)
Roasted root vegetables (225)

Spiced speculoos flan (256)
Warm chocolate cake with salted butter caramel sauce (262)
Almond cakes with browned butter (268)
Madeleines (274)
Chocolate terrine with fresh ginger crème anglaise (287)
Bay leaf poundcake with orange glaze (296)
St. Tropez tart (306)
Dee’s fabulous cheesecake (315)
Tangerine-Champagne sorbet (317)
Christmas cake (Bûche de Noël) (319)