September Schedule

Another great month ahead for us!

September 2: spiced meatballs with sriracha sauce (p. 74)

September 16: gazpacho with herbed goat cheese toasts (p. 121)

September 30 (inaugural “Extra Edition”): sardine spread (p. 78)

Remember that the Extra Edition is an optional Friday.

September Recipe Poll


will close it on Tuesday!

September Nominations

Please choose 3 total recipes to nominate–2 for our regularly scheduled Fridays and 1 for our new feature, CtBF: Extra Edition!

Our 2 regular Fridays are

September 2 and September 16

For Friday, September 30,  we will have our inaugural Extra Edition!

Here’s how it works: there are always some recipes people avoid due to an ingredient or technique outside of their norm. For any month with 5 Fridays, we will have an Extra Edition where we tackle one such recipe. The admins will look at the nominated recipes and choose 1 for the group to cook. It’s optional, but a great opportunity to try something new or different.

Please delineate your recipe nomination for Extra Edition from your “regular” nominations.

I will post the poll for the regular edition recipes this weekend. Otherwise, post below with any questions or concerns!

August Schedule

Okay, the votes are in with 2 clear winners!

August 5: Apricot crumble tart (p. 309)**

August 19: Cherry tomato crostini with homemade herbed goat cheese (p. 110)




for the tart, you can also save the apricot pits, extract the kernels (instructions on p. 312) and make the Apricot kernel ice cream David recommends. He mentions making a half recipe in the head notes. Even if you don’t make the ice cream, save the kernels in the freezer for when you do make it!

FYI I scheduled this first because a) it’s not too hard to make and b) apricots have such a short season in which they’re perfect and that’s either right now (July-August) in northern climes or it’s passed for some areas! 

August nominations poll

Vote for your top 2 recipes to cook in August by Tuesday!