December MPK Schedule

Okay, here’s our December schedule!

December 7: comté and ham wafers (45)

December 21-28: Christmas cake (319)

Note the range of posting dates above for the Christmas cake. Due to popular demand, but also to allow for some people’s stricter blog schedules, please make sure to visit the LYL through 12/28 to see how people did with this recipe! The LYL will still be live on 12/21, though.

December poll

First, here’s your Everyday Dorie poll:

I’ll keep this open until the middle of next week, at which time I’ll post the December schedule.

Second, everyone nominated the same recipe from MPK, so we will do the comté and ham wafers. Thanks for making that super easy! As for the second post timing, I think I’ll still post the LYL on 12/21, but let everyone know to visit on or around 12/28 for commenting and to give everyone a chance to post.

December MPK & ED nominations

All right, blogging friends: this is our final December working from MPK, so we are automatically baking the bûche de nöel/Christmas (p 319) for our monthly dessert recipe.

Thus, choose one other recipe you’d like to make from MPK!



Everyday Dorie

Nominate 1 recipe you’d like to make, from any category. I figure we all have the book by now, so everything is fair game.


I’ll post separate polls for each!