March MPK Schedule

Okay, here we go! This is our penultimate month with the Extra Edition Friday as we are on track to finish the book in mid-August! For the EE, I went with the most nominations.

March 1: leeks with bacon-mustard vinaigrette (88)

March 15: spiced speculoos flan (256)

March 29 EE: pork and chard sausage (185)

March nominations

Okay, we are again doing an omnibus nominations post.

  1. For Everyday Dorie folks, please nominate one recipe of any type you’d like to make this month.
  2. For My Paris Kitchen folks, please nominate one recipe and one Extra Edition recipe. Remember that we are doing the speculoos flan automatically in March. And the Extra Edition should be something you’d not normally choose to make without this group, for whatever reason. We are really getting to the home stretch here, so this is a friendly reminder to consider seasonality in your selections.