24 thoughts on “Final LYL! Chicken with mustard

  1. Delicious final recipe! I don’t have the book with me right now, but the recipe that stands out most to me is the salted caramel chocolate mousse. I have made it more times than any other recipe in the book, and it is now my go-to chocolate mousse recipe.


  2. Katie alerted me of links (coming from my site) that show up as excessive amount of incoming spasmed emails to your account. Is anyone seeing that? I don’t know what the issues are. Computer/internet is not really my thing! Any suggestions?


    1. Shirley it was that old posts of yours with recipes from MPK were en masse creating links/pingbacks to each individual applicable LYL. It all started yesterday and as the admin of this site I got 60+ emails re the ping backs in the course of about 15 minutes. It doesn’t affect anyone else which is why I emailed you privately about it. Somehow it started yesterday and ended shortly after I emailed you. FYI for everyone else I do keep that control in place because this site is subject to massive amounts of spam


      1. Thanks, Katie. Was it coming from the links from Chicken with mustard? The only difference there is that post has more links than any other posts. How do I stop that? Discontinue the links? Do you still have a problem? I can’t figure out what I can do on my end. I went through all the settings. What do you suggest I do to stop this annoying thing from happening?


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