17 thoughts on “LYL: Summer vegetable tian

    1. Tricia, I am so sorry to read this and so very thankful you shared the information with us as I hadn’t heard. I enjoyed baking, cooking, and sharing comments with your Mom…she will be missed from our group. ❤️❤️


    2. I felt a deep connection to Ro, from the many places she called home: Manhattan, Staten Island, and New Jersey. She was such an amazing cook and food blogger and, for years, had never failed to leave messages on my posts — each a delight to receive. Although we’ve never met; she felt like a family to me. Tricia, I share your grief. Chef Nana will always be missed!


    3. Oh, Tricia! I am so sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed your mom’s posts and she also always left warm comments on mine. I could tell what a nice person she was, and she’ll certainly be missed. Hugs to you.


    4. Tricia, I had no idea (FB doesn’t serve me the information I want anymore…). I just read you post there and have to smile at the “Cook well” phrase. So Nana… She will be deeply missed. Take the time you need and know that we will be back here when you are ready XOXOXOX


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