15 thoughts on “August Nominations

  1. I’ll match Teresa’s Apricot Crumble suggestion and raise by suggesting that we do it with the Apricot Kernel Ice Cream on page 312, because when the heck else am I going to have 50 apricot kernels lying around!

    For the second recipe I’ll nominate the Sardine Spread on page 78, because we have to do it some day.

    In fact, the months with 3 Fridays might be the perfect months to tackle these never-going-to-win-a-vote type recipes. We could do the two winners and then start tackling some of these less lovable recipes on the 3rd Fridays. Just a thought. I’m obviously feeling more than a little motivated today… apologies for turning this post into an endless ramble:-)

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      1. It would be great if we could have 2 months schedule listed at the side bar. This will definitely help in planning when to make the selected recipes and sourcing for ingredients when needed. Would love to know everyone’s thoughts on this!

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        1. To save time (for the Admins), perhaps top four recipes (of Admins have the right to ‘adjust’ the groupings) with the most votes in our upcoming poll get to be made!


        2. Joyce, thanks for your suggestion! It can take a bit of getting used to the schedule, but the other group(s) many of us came from cooking the Dorie books do the same sort of scheduling, thus why we modeled it that way.

          I’ve also spoken with the other admins (Mary, Betsy, and Candy) about it and–while we completely understand that it can be difficult getting ingredients for some locations–we all agreed that the most important thing is the community and interaction we have here on this page, outside of our blogs. If we planned so far in advance, that would greatly lessen our discussions here and that immediacy is important to all of us so this group’s endeavors don’t feel like just another item on our to-do list. I’ve been trying to schedule more difficult recipes and/or recipes with possibly difficult-to-procure ingredients as the one later in the month and have adjusted the nominations schedule as needed since February when it was too tight! I hope that explains enough why we have constructed the schedule as we have!

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          1. Hi Katie,
            Thank you for discussing it with the rest of the admins. No worries about it, it was just a suggestion. I understand that planning the monthly schedules and keeping up with the rest of the members is a lot of hard work and time involved, especially for a working mom! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

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  2. My picks are: cherry tomato crostini with homemade herbed goat cheese (p110), potato, feta and basil tortilla (p148), and/or lemon-pistachio Israeli couscous (p237). Not that the others don’t sound delicious. (I wish I’d read about the ice cream when I DID have 50 apricot pits!)


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