28 thoughts on “LYL: Raw Veg Slaw

  1. (Mardi – Read that 2 TBS was a misprint in a review during the Piglet 2015 competition.) Hey Everyone, My site is down, down, down. Go Daddy, Google, and SiteLock involved. But, I loved everything about this salad. I used only two cloves of garlic instead of 2 TBS. Have a Happy 4th of July, Americans, and, to you from other places, pray for America. It’s crazy over here. I’ll be around to comment but can’t post.


    1. Mine says 2 tbsp as well, Mary. But I looked up that Piglet review and in the comments someone says that Lebovitz had responded to a reader query that he did indeed mean 2 tbsp and not tsp. I used 2 tbsp and it was fine, though my garlic cloves aren’t super strong.

      Good luck with your blog. ūüė¶

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      1. I hope the blog is up and running again soon, Mary! I checked the errata page for the cookbook and there’s no mention of the slaw. I think David just really likes garlic. I used the full amount and loved it. I used Red Russian garlic, which has a well-rounded flavour, so that might make a difference.


  2. I am running late… made the dressing with grated garlic (about 1 tablespoon and a half) roughly 5 cloves of various sizes. Posting tonight.


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